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My guitarist, Travis “Travka” Beard, talks about my band, White City and Kabul Rock on BBC World News. There’s a brief appearance by me as they show the music video for Space Cadet

I filmed much of (and briefly make a cameo in) this Australia Network Newsline piece on the Kabul rock school, where I teach singing. 

Home-made spacesuit, willing video director, walk through night-time Kabul. Hilarious. 

My band, White City, finally release our first music video, filmed entirely in Kabul, Afghanistan at the bombed-out Soviet Culture Centre and in Shah-e-Nau, featuring our mate, dressed up in a home-made spaceman suit and being marched through the night-time streets. 

Interesting. The Guardian take my video of Najebullah Sadiq, the star of hit Afghan cop show, Eagle Four and use his interview as the main peg for this story.

Afghanistan’s ‘Jack Bauer’ says he is under pressure to give up TV cop show

The interview was actually filmed a few months ago, though.

My friend Justin is raising funds for his crazy road-trip on his 1972 Triumph across the States to record an album with whatever rag-tag bunch of musicians he comes across at each stop. There’s a documentary about it planned for Spring 2012. Let’s hope he, one day, makes it as far as Afghanistan.

Some great old Afghan film footage in this piece.