Round-up of reactions to Kandahar shooting in Kabul

via Al-Jazeera.

What seems to be playing out among my Afghan and international friends is nicely summarised in the following: 

"The actions of the US soldier is horrendous, no doubt, but where is the "symbol of protest and sympathy on Face Book and Twitter" for when the Taliban kill civilians, of which most are killed by the Taliban each year?"

"I think such symbols of have always been there when ever their has been civilian casualties. For Example during the Ashora Bombing many people started using pictures of the little girl with the grean scurf who was crying in the middle of a pile of dead bodies. Or when the a taliban shooter killed over 30 people in a Kabul bank brunch in Jala Abad Afghan and twitter Users were circulating his pictures with hateful comments. Taliban are known as mass murderers and terrorists and one can not expect them any thing else but beheading, bombing and terrorizing. On the other hand we have the American solders who claim to be the good guys, liberators, defenders of human rights, women, children and oppressed. Where is all those values?”

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